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Barry Vogel of Radio Curious.

Radio Curious Producer Barry Vogel.

Barry Vogel is the producer of Radio Curious, a radio interview program that has been broadcast on Mendocino County Public Radio, KZYX and KZYZ, since 1991. His interviews are also sometimes carried on Radio for Peace International and other public stations. He's a country lawyer by day in a small town north of San Francisco, handling a variety of real property, social, and political issues. His earliest radio experience and broadcasts date back to his years working as a volunteer in the Peace Corps in Peru. He's been a contributor to Talking History since 2002. Vogel interviews authors, activists, thinkers, Chautauqua performers, and politicians from the U.S. and from around the world on his show. His guests have included: Chaim Potok, Daniel Ellsberg, Mary Pipher, Wavy Gravy, Horace Greely and a native of the Peruvian rainforest attending university in California. The offices of Radio Curious are located in the General Specialties Building in Ukiah, California. For more information about Barry and Radio Curious, go to: http://www.radiocurious.org/.

Kenneth Davis on the Idea of Independence.
MP3. Time: 27:06.
Radio Curious's Barry Vogel interviews Kenneth C. Davis about the foundational ideas behind the Declaration of Independence. Davis is the author of Don't Know Much About History, Everything you Need to Know About American History But Never Learned (HarperCollins, 2003). Original production date: July, 2005.

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